Net Metering Program

Net Metering is a program for customers who generate their own electricity and it measures the difference between the amount of electricity you buy from the City of Centralia and the amount of electricity you produce using your own generation system.


Net Metering can reduce your electricity bills. The City of Centralia offsets your bill for the amount of electricity you produce and carries over any credit kWh from month to month and up to a year.


Anyone who generates at least some of their electricity by solar, hydro or wind power is potentially eligible for net metering up to 100kw.

Getting Started

If you are interested in Net Metering, develop your idea for a generation system and determine its economic feasibility. Once you have developed your idea, obtain an agreement form and application from the City of Centralia. Fill out the application and read the agreement form. The City of Centralia will then review your application and develop a scope of work for your approval and a cost estimate. After reaching an agreement with the city, you will then proceed with construction.

Technical Requirements

You are responsible for setting up your generation system and it must pass inspection and approval from Centralia City Light before your system can be linked to the power system. Prior to City Light energizing the service, your electrical panel must be approved by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries at phone: 360-902-5242.

Financial Assistance

The federal government has programs available where you may be eligible to obtain financial assistance for your generation system.

Helpful Documents

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