Friends of Seminary Hill

The "Friends of Seminary Hill" is a community group that is a partner to the City in maintaining the Seminary Hill Natural Area. To join the "Friends of Seminary Hill" or for more information, contact a member listed in their brochure, by email Friends of the Seminary Hill, or Follow Us on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter  or Instagram.  Click here to view the Forestry Management Plan for the Seminary Hill Natural Area (PDF).

Check out the 2022 Seminary Hill Trail Map (PDF), and the complete 2022 brochure (PDF), which includes contact information on the Friends of Seminary Hill committee, and general information on the Natural Area itself.

Ivy Invasion

Seminary Hill Natural Area is a unique, environmental jewel in our own backyard. But, we may be losing this treasure. Ivy is an alien plant that has invaded our hill and has taken over. Ivy covers and strangles our 50-100-year-old trees, and ferns, covers up our wildflowers and destroys our native plants.

You can be part of saving it - you can make a difference! Join "Friends of Seminary Hill" in Centralia. Support it by volunteering once a month to pull ivy.

Park Location

The main entrance is located at 902 E Locust Street, five blocks east of downtown Centralia. View Seminary Hill map

AmeriCorps assisted the Friends of Seminary Hill with clean-up during the past summer.

Two Group AmeriCorps volunteers posing for photo holding wheels by a wheelbarrowGroup of AmeriCorps volunteer posing for photoGroup of AmeriCorps volunteer posing for photo 1