The Wastewater Treatment Facility collects and treats wastewater effluent to State and federal requirements. The system consists of a network of mains, trunks, force mains, and 24 pump stations that transport collected sewage to the City's wastewater treatment plant. Each pump station discharges to the gravity sewer system via nearly 7 miles of force mains, ranging in size from 2.5-inch diameter to 18-inch diameter pipelines.

The wastewater treatment plant located on Goodrich Road provides primary and secondary treatment for the City service area and North Port District. Besides treating the final effluent that discharges into the Chehalis River after being disinfected with ultraviolet light, the wastewater treatment facility also produces a high-quality biosolids product that is safe for public use and is great for flower gardens. This is accomplished by employing the latest in technology. The solids that are removed from the wastewater are first dewatered, stabilized with the addition of lime, then heat pasteurized.

Located at the wastewater treatment facility is the gateway to the Chehalis River Discovery Trail. The trail which is nearly 1.5 miles in length is a great place for bird watching, spending time with friends or family, or just enjoying the outdoors in a peaceful setting.

Wastewater Emergency Issues

Wastewater emergency issues examples include:

  • Customer sewer stoppage
  • Door/Gate left open
  • Facility Intrusion
  • Missing/damaged manhole lids
  • Wastewater flowing out of manhole
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