Electric Rates


Residential rates are available for general residential use for lighting, cooking, water heating, space heating and incidental single-phase power.

Commercial - Small, Medium & Large

The Small General Service Rate is available to individuals, firms, or corporations operating retail or wholesale establishments, business houses, hotels, hospitals, schools and churches with a demand load under 50 kW.

Commercial - Extra Large General Service

The Extra Large General Service Rate is available to customers with a demand load greater than 1,000 kW. Extra large general service is available at: unregulated primary voltage of 7.2 kV and above at one or more points of delivery for use where the connected load is in excess of 1,000 kW, and the customer owns his own primary distribution facilities, including transformers; or 3-phase 480 volt secondary voltage under special arrangement with Centralia City Light. The customer shall pay for all installed facilities. Power Factor Ratchet applies to Extra Large General Service customers.