Housing in Centralia

HousingPlan_clear_1_76x5_51Current Construction Activity

If you have questions or comments about housing developments in Centralia please contact the Community Development Department at 360.330.7662.

Project NameDevelopment AddressBrief DescriptionProject NumberStatus of Project
Salishan Subdivision3802 Russell Road
46 twin-home units2023-0640Staff Review
Bella Rose - 3 lot short plat3005 Russell Road9 units - 1 duplex, 1 triplex, 1 fourplex2023-0261Staff Review
Anderson Short Plat - 6 lots3000 block of Russell Road12 units - 6 duplexes2023-0194Approved by SPR 6/2023
Sanctity Ridge502 Byrd Street3 townhome units2023-0485Approved by SPR 1/2024
Fair Street Landing PUD1350 Kresky86 units - 78 SF lots, 8 duplex units2023-0167Approved by CC on 10/10/2023
1st Street Cherry Orchard900 block of W. 1st Street32 units - 6 duplexes2023-0040SEPA; Staff Review
Woodland Glen PUDOld Golf Course Property - Duffy Rd194 units - 146 SF lots, 48 townhome units2023-0623SEPA; Staff Review
Rich Masters Hill Subdivision3500 Cooks Hill Road
22 Single-family lots on septic system
Approved by City Council on 5/2023; Approved by LC on July 2023
Borst Avenue Project
2803 Borst Avenue
3-plex; Apartments
2021-0584Approved in March 2023; waiting for the developer
The Ponds PUD
2200 Cooks Hill Road
42 Townhome units
Approved by City Council on 2/2023; waiting for developer
Centralia College Student Housing
107 Ash Street 
47 units/112 students
Completed Oct. 2023; Approved in 2022
Nicki Way Townhomes
2711 Mt. Vista Street
31 Townhome units
Completed Sept. 2023; Approved by City Council on 8/2022
Motel 6 Conversion (Motel to Supportive Housing)
1310 Belmont Avenue
120 Supportive Housing units
Under Construction
1st Street Townhomes PUD: Clark
1002 1st Street (approx.)
27 Townhome units
Approved by City Council on 9/2021; waiting for developer
Reliable - Supportive Housing2213 Harrison Avenue23 Supportive Housing units2021-0802Under Construction

East Roanoke Street PUD

300 E. Roanoke
30 Single-family lots; 44 Townhome units
Approved by City Council on 5/2021; waiting for developer

Mary Glee Subdivision

1509 N. Pearl Street15 Single-family lots2020-0064Approved by City Council on 4/2021; waiting for developer

Society Place Phase II

1217 S. Scheuber Road29 Manufactured Homes - Senior units2020-0659
Approved by City Council on 4/2021; waiting for developer
Alexander on the River1414 Alexander Street 44 Senior units2019-0007Approved by City Council in 2020; Expired On-hold