Missing/Found Dogs

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The Centralia Police Department has temporary holding kennels and cares for dogs found within City limits while attempting to locate the owners. We keep dogs a minimum of 72-hours (CMC 7.21.050) and post pictures to our Facebook page whenever possible. Centralia Police Facebook If the owner cannot be located, we use local rescues and fosters to care for dogs long-term. We use all available resources to locate dog owners, but often that information isn't available, or hasn't been updated. The best way to get reunited with your pet is to license and chip your animal. 

What should you do if your dog is missing? 

If you use social media, make a post on your page and in your local lost/found pets group. 

Call the Lewis County Animal Shelter (360-740-1290) and the Police Department (360-330-7680). 

If you feel comfortable, talk to your neighbors. They may have seen your dog.

What should you do if you want to help foster? 

Call 360-330-7680 and ask to speak to Community Service Officer Wilkes or Commander Caldwell.