Hub City Greenways

Centralia residents love our small-town feel. Hub City Greenways is part of the City of Centralia’s long-term vision to take advantage of growth to create positive change while retaining our small-town feel and the community connections so important to us.HubCityGreenways_informationflyer

The vision involves two key elements: 

  1. Neighborhood activity hubs that serve as places for people to connect and engage, and 
  2. A connected trail system that winds around the city to connect neighborhoods, natural areas, and key destinations.
  3. This vision is the culmination of years of community support for trails and the desire to enhance the unique neighborhood identities.

The City has identified draft locations for neighborhood activity hubs centered around our schools and other key facilities like the hospital and Armory. The idea is to encourage small-scale neighborhood establishments in these locations - places like activated school fields, cafés, coffee shops, little markets, or food carts, for example. These places will develop organically over time as people and businesses invest and the City engages neighborhoods to identify opportune locations and a vision for their hub.

As of 2024, the City has approximately 8 miles of trails, and these are popular attractions. Hub City Greenways envisions another 25 miles of trails within the city. These paths will connect neighborhoods to downtown and other mixed-use areas while providing alternatives to vehicle transportation.MFH_trail_river

Two generalized types of trails are envisioned:

  • Nature trails that weave along our waterways, and
  • Urban trails are essentially 8-10 foot wide sidewalks that are located on arterials and collector streets that have curbs, gutters, street lights, and in some cases bicycle lanes.

What’s Happening Now?

The City is updating its plans to ensure Hub City Greenways is front and center. Having the vision in our plans will help us go after grants and make specific implementation projects a priority in our budget.IMG_0174

  • The Parks Plan will include nature trail projects. The plan update is underway and will be considered by the City Council in March of 2024.
  • The Transportation Master Plan will include urban trail projects. The plan update is underway and will considered by the City Council in the spring of 2025.
  • The Comprehensive Plan will include the vision for neighborhood hubs. The plan update is underway and will be considered by the City Council in the spring of 2025.

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