2025 Climate Resiliency Plan

In May 2023, HB 1181 added climate planning as a new goal of the Growth Management Act (GMA).  This required cities like Centralia to add a resiliency element under RCW 36.70A.040 to our 2025 Comprehensive Plan update that is due in June 2025.  The City received a grant from the Department of Commerce to assist in the development of the Climate Resiliency Plan.

Centralia will need to create a Climate Resilience Plan that will anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changes in climate and minimize negative impacts on our natural systems, infrastructure, and community.  The City will need to develop a plan that can build resilience by implementing a mix of preparedness, response, and recovery policies, including mitigating natural hazards, adapting to unavoidable impacts, and restoring natural areas that have degraded that provide key ecosystem services.

Aerial Photo of 2007 FloodHow to Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about the 2045 Comprehensive Plan Update, please contact:

Emil Pierson, Community Development Director
Telephone: 360.330.7662 
Email: at CentraliaCP2025@cityofcentralia.com
In-person: City Hall, 118 W. Maple (2nd floor) 
Mail: P.O. Box 0609, Centralia, WA  98531

Documents and Maps

Documents and other materials about the 2025 Climate Resiliency Plan.