2025 Transportation Master Plan

This 2025 Transportation Master Plan update is part of the overall Comprehensive Plan update that the City is in the process of updating.  A Transporation Element is required as part of the Growth Management Act and this plan will meet that requirement. The purpose of the Transportation Plan (Element) of the Comprehensive Plan is to document the conditions of the transportation system(s) in the City of Centralia while planning for the preservation of an efficient and functional transportation network.

The study area for the Centralia Transportation Element update includes the area within the city limits of Centralia as well as the designated Urban Growth Area (UGA).  All roadway facilities in the study area fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Centralia, Lewis County, or the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). I-5 and SR 507 are state highway facilities located within the study area. The transportation system is comprised of vehicular roadway, rail, freight and truck, transit, and bicycle and pedestrian trails and facilities. An inventory of vehicular and non-motorized networks along classified arterial streets is included in the Plan. Traffic operations at major intersections will be evaluated for existing deficiencies and travel demand forecasting was completed to determine future deficiencies. A gap analysis will be conducted for the non-motorized network to determine segments where pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure is absent. This section summarizes existing conditions and deficiencies.  The goals and policies will be reviewed and updated to ensure they are consistent with the mandatory elements of the GMA while meeting the corresponding transportation element policy requirements. The GMA requires that comprehensive plans include a transportation element that is consistent with relevant Countywide Planning Policies (CCWPs) and the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.70A.070(6).

Get Involved

The development of a successful Transportation Plan is when it reflects a wide variety of views and reflects the values of the entire city and its Urban Growth Area (UGA). The vision, goals, and policies should reflect the entire community of those who reside, work, and play here in Centralia.  The plan needs to be inclusive and reach out to everyone and that means YOU.  So how can YOU be involved in the process?

1.  Attend workshops with the City Council and Planning Commission;
2.  Attend an open houses or public meetings and provide feedback;
3.  Participate in the Comprehensive Plan survey;
4.  Attend a pop-up event or request a neighborhood meeting;
5.  Request a community group presentation;
6.  Send us an email with your opinions or comments; and
7.  Attend public hearings or city council meetings and let them know what you would like to see.

Being involved in the planning process is up to just one person and that is YOU.  Make your opinion known for the future of Centralia and be a part of the 2045 Vision for Centralia.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about the 2045 Comprehensive Plan Update, please contact:

Emil Pierson, Community Development Director
Telephone: 360.330.7662 
Email: at CentraliaCP2025@cityofcentralia.com
In-person: City Hall, 118 W. Maple (2nd floor) 
Mail: P.O. Box 0609, Centralia, WA  98531

Documents & Maps

 Documents and other materials pertaining to the 2025 Transportation Update.