What volunteer opportunities are available?

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1. How do I reserve a ballfield for practice?
2. Where do I sign up for tournament or recreation program?
3. Will the Pearl Street pool be open this summer?
4. Where do I find an application?
5. Where do I find out about the City Parks and Park Facilities that can be rented?
6. Where do I find information about the Kitchen #1, 2, or the Train Depot multi-purpose room?
7. What is the Lewis County Sports Complex and NW Sports Hub (Event Center) ?
8. What recreation programs does the city offer and how can I register for them?
9. Is there a Borst Park Area Map showing where all of the facilities are located?
10. Are there maps of the City's Parks, trails, and sports fields?
11. What special parks and recreation events are held thought-out the year?
12. What Boards and Commissions are available working with the City's Parks and Recreation?
13. What volunteer opportunities are available?
14. How can I find out more the historic Borst Home and School and can I tour them?
15. Does the City have a parks and recreation master plan?
16. Is it true that the City partners with many different organizations for recreational programs?