What is the Citizens’ Academy?

The Centralia Police Department's Citizens' Academy was implemented in 1997 to promote positive relations between police and the community. The objective is to provide citizens with the opportunity to get an inside look at how your local police department operates.

The selected academy attendees meet for three hours each Monday evening for 8 consecutive weeks and 2 Saturday activities. You will learn more about various operations of the department as well as the challenges that law enforcement face in today's society. Officers and civilian personnel present on their specific areas of expertise.

Through education, hands on experience and interaction with Officers, the goal is to create a foundation of responsible well-informed individuals who have the potential of influencing public opinions about police practices. Academy participants will gain an appreciation of the problems and challenges facing law enforcement today. They will have the opportunity to offer comments, ideas and solutions to problems that we all share within the community.

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1. What is the Citizens’ Academy?
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